Katie (eilonwy77) wrote,

List of Written Things

Apparently people keep lists of things they write.  Will be updated over time with more time.

Elf-Boy and Turniphead Save Christmas

Of Nutcrackers, Dragons, and Kings

Roll To Me

Contributions to books about LEGO:
The LEGO Adventure Book, by Megan Rothrock (pp. 156-165)
Beautiful LEGO, by Mike Doyle (pp. 170-175)
The Art of LEGO Design, by Jordan Schwartz (pp. 51-74, 132-133, 155)


Tri-City Herald Article
MosaicBricks Interview
Beyond the Brick Podcast Interview

Information on Cheese Slopes:
How to make a 6-pointed star
Cheese Slope Mosaics: A Tutorial (Published in HispaBrick Magazine, Issue 014)
Evolution of a Cheese Slope Mosaic
Introduction to Cheese Slope Mosaics PowerPoint presentation (Presented at BrickCon 2012)

Some Other Articles I've Written:

Interview with Sean and Steph Mayo (Published in HispaBrick Magazine, Issue 015)
BrickCon 2012 Article (Published in HispaBrick Magazine, Issue 015)
Leaf Weaving: A Technique for Building LEGO Trees (Published in HispaBrick Magazine, Issue 016)
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: The Best in Magical Education! (Published in HispaBrick Magazine, Issue 017)
Introduction to Headlight Brick Patterns (Published in HispaBrick Magazine, Issue 018)

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