Katie (eilonwy77) wrote,

I got my first tepid comment on a story. It wasn't even all bad, really. Just a bit negative. And it was from a guest kind of person I can't reply to. Which is probably just as well, because I'd probably be defensive, because I'm good at that.

A few days ago I got really hurt by people being mean on Facebook. So I think that silly sensitive side is still over-reactive. Which is ridiculous. It even had positive parts. And it was valid. I mean, I could see why the person thought that. Though lots of other people read it and liked that part. (Apparently A and M insulted each other too much and it was hard to read. But that seems pretty much canon to me?)

Anyway, it's a rite of passage, right? I just hope no one ever busts out a flaming bad one.

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Tags: reviews, whining
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